6/6 hot stocks

Down day for the markets.. 50dma on the $spy is pulling us to it. The pullback so far has been fairly orderly. We had a sick trading day today in the bulls room with an 80% win ratio on our alerts, totalling $2527 in gains! The great thing about being a momentum daytrader is that you can capitalize on all kinds of market moves. Being able to make money consistently is possible but it takes hard work and a solid trading system that you know works. If you belong to the Bulls chat room and see me, Kunal, Szaman and others trade you know the system works. You can watch every single day as we call out profitable trades in real timeĀ  Here are the trades from today and a few stocks I am watching for tomorrow:

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OSH- possible bounce off support
ANW- flagging
MOVE- held up well today despite market conditions, watching for breakout
LLEN- short watch

BEBE- coiling for breakout

PWRD- held up well today, consolidating/ flagging for move higher

EVC- coiling for move higher

IMOS- basing for breakout

CLSN- flagging, watch for a break of 2

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