6/3 hot stocks

Market took out short term support on friday in the 20dma. It will be interesting to see what the bulls are going to do with this dip. The volume on our down days has been much larger than the buy volume on the up days. Something that the bulls should be cautious of.  We had a killer month of may in the bulls room with just over 31k in gains. See all of the trades here. If you are struggling with your trading and looking for a place to learn how to make consistent gains day in and day out, then the bulls room is the place to be. Our bootcamp is one the best educational courses around and I promise you will love every second of it.

Don’t forget, if you need a broker with great borrows and a great platform then check out our bulls silver package. You get a free sub to the bulls trading chat room if you use our preferred broker. Be sure and email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com and I will give you some additional info. Here are a few trading ideas for this week:

If market turns a few good parabolics: $mitk $pwrd $vvtv $anw, $hma $vrml

BIOD- parabolic short watch

NSPH- bull flag

RMBS- flagging

WIT- breakdown watch, weakness in strong tape

ATVI- 14 is big breakdown spot

MNKD- bull flag



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