Just as we expected we turned around at the 1130 mark after the open.  This type of stuff happens as resistance is rarely broke on the 1st try
We are looking at a flat open, Europe is trading down around 1% or so.  Oil seems to be steady and making a move slightly higher in premkt.  Right now OIL and the market are getting bought on dips. So that is my theme.  Add stocks on dips that are strong or on bottoms.  volume is light which is slightly bearish
BUT if the market keeps rallying with no participation from the big market participants they will jump in at the end and chase up the market!!! nobody likes to be left behind.
My watchlist is light as we added $apwr and $cnam into the close and still holding $sprt and some other stocks
I am watching $akrx $pmi and $srz
 bottom bounce…oversold and sitting on support. will wait for a move up and buy with stop under m.a.
 SRZ samething…its sector has moved..also REITS have moved it trades like one sometimes…
its either gonna crash or bounce hard here.  Im looking at 3.6s with stop under support. Oversold too. 



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