Another nice day for us in the bull room..Market made a big move in the morning, just to give back all its gains and close nearly red. It hasn’t been the easiest trading environment but we have been making big gains on both the long and short side.  check out these trades.. not bad for one day. If you are struggling, send me an email I can make some suggestions for you

Here are a few stocks on watch for tomorrow:

INWK- bullish chart. big breakout at 12.. on watch

MTW- dead cat bounce back into resistance.. if market fails.. watching this one for a short

MMR- breakout watch.. tested this level several times. might breakout

ARQL- on watch for snapback

SVM- if silver falls, this might be the dead cat bounce to short

HUSA- flattening out.. on watch for break of 20dma


MDRX- approaching 20dma and gap fill





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