5/2 hot stocks

Market was slightly nasty today for the first time in a long time. The big winners are being found in the earnings movers. As I said yesterday, earnings breakouts are our specialty at bulls and one of our favorite types of setups to play. We had a huge day today with $1582 in gains thanks to some earnings/news breakout in $bcov $iqnt and $sync. There isn’t a whole lot of great looking charts out there tonight but there will be plenty of action tomorrow thanks to the earnings movers. Check out the trades below and see a few of the stocks that I am watching for tomorrow:

A few notable after hours earnings movers: $REGI +13.6%,  $YELP +8.1%, $MDAS+ 4.8%, $RLGY -4.2%, $CNW -4.2%, $CSOD -1.8%

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ACAD- breakdown watch

PRKR- watching for a break of this flag

ELNK- breakout thru 5.75

JDSU- basing for breakdown

SEAC-breakdown watch


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  1. great trading. just wondering when is the next trade review , asked tuesday and marabeth said wednesday night and I guess forgot , Kunal said he would do trade reviews a few times a week been here over a month and had one , would just like to see the trades and the thought process behind them . thanks

    • sorry about that. ill have her do something next week. I had double booked classes last week when I usually do the trade reviews its for our bootcamp students and maribeth handles the chatroom. One of us will get someting going next week!


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