5/2 hot stocks ($zaza, $znga, $ocz, $ta, $xin)

Update on a few trades in the boom room and a look at some hot stocks for tomorrow. If you have any questions about which broker I use, HOW TO GET AROUND pattern day trade rule or want to try out the boom room and see exactly how we play these stocks, send me an email mb.willoughby@gmail.com.

Also, check out kunal’s market commentary here and where he thinks this market is headed.

We added ZNGA at 8.27 with a stop at 7.94.. stock looks to have put in a double bottom. Great risk/reward on this swingtrade.. $10 target on this swingtrade

Also added ZAZA 5.05, stock is breaking out. love the chart on this one. got 5.50 or so target

Traded XIN today adding 5.44.. held 1/2 overnight. Really nice looking chart

Sold off our OCZ swingtrade at 6.08 and 6.14 from 5.70.. wish I could have held on longer but didn’t want to hold through earnings. Nice 7% gain on that swingtrade. Kept 500 shares for lotto

Here are a few stocks I have on my radar for tomorrow:

TA- thinking this stock breaks out tomorrow.. got it on my radar for an entry if its strong

SQNM- stock is flagging, a break of 5.25

FRO- starting to get really tight.. looking for a pop in this one any day now

LOGI- stock flagging/resting a bit.. looks strong still. on watch for another move

TSYS- on watch for a snapback.. looking for buyers


RCON- chart is hot.. thinking it moves again. watching it

OPWV. thats 2.9 level is big.. nice big volume today. stock looks like it wants to break

TWER- strong move today.. love the chart and expanding volume. looking for an entry tomorrow

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