$4k in profits trading oil stocks – see how I did it!

The market was down sharply today, but that didn’t slow me down! I made over $4000 trading oil stocks.


Here’s how I did it!

The great thing about trading is that there are always opportunities to make money. The question is whether or not you know how to find and trade them. A mistake many traders make is to look for the “holy grail” – a setup or technique that will work all of the time, regardless of the market conditions. Such a thing does not exist. Instead, you should learn a few setups, so that you will be prepared for anything the market throws at you.

In my 60 Day Bootcamp, I teach all of the setups that work for me – including several you’ve likely never even heard of. Because the market is constantly in motion, I’m also¬†always¬†adding new content that is relevant to current market conditions and what I expect for the coming year; take a look at the topics I’ve recently added and signup if you’d like to learn more or join my upcoming class.

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