4/23 hot stocks

Awesome  day in the bulls room today.. $1603 in gains! Check out all the trades below. Our strategy at bulls on wallstreet is to help people with smaller accounts make consistent profits week in and week out. If you see our strategy here we dont take big positions or very much risk. We try to trade small but trade aggressively and add those gains up over the course of a week.   With our bulls silver program you can daytrade with as little as 2500 dollars.  Most of our positions are in the 7-10k dollar value per position which is perfect for the smaller trader trying to grow their account.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming bootcamp.. its better than ever this go around! Learn to take your trading to the next level and make this your job! Bootcamp starts up in less than 2 weeks and I promise you will be happy you signed up. See what is taught in the course here and email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com to get signed up!

Also, check out how we traded $hxm today in detail here

APP- bounce watch

BBX- parabolic short watch

CHCI- bull flag

CPRX- parabolic short watch

LTD- low vol pullback to support.. watching for a bounce

MHP- bull flag

MNST- bull flag

MXWL-stock coming off a bottom here

UBNT- bounce watch

YY- 18 dollar break is big



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