3/25 Additions to the Watch List

Good evening, Bulls.
Here are 11 new stocks to add to your watch list for tomorrow. These are all setup to move to the upside, but I’m basing this entirely on technicals – trade with caution and always protect yoru profits.
CQB – Testing horizontal restistance on ascending triangle. Swingable as long as it holds 16 support.
DEER – Descending triangle now testing top trendline resistance. A move out of this to the upside could trigger some swing buys – target $13
EMKR – Consolidating on ascending trendline support from Dec 1.  Nice channel pattern on the daily, so there will likely be some swingers here looking for a move up. Possible MACD positive crossover soon.
TSO – Cup and Handle – Looking for $14.5 breakout.
CNX – Holding ascending trendline support that started back in November.  Slow Sto showing possible reversal back up here. Not a bad swing opportunity, but this stock gaps a lot, so a tight stop is in order.
WEL – I like the volume move toay.  2.20 could open the doors.
AOB – Appears to be bottoming and reversing of trendline support.  I like the MACD reversal with Slow Sto reversal.  RSI14 approaching 50 with volume. I like an entry above SMA100 with gap fill target to 4.50.
FTWR – I like the volume today.  This stock has a history of issues getting through SMA50, so we’ll have to watch closely.  $4.76 target.
HEV – Trying to get through SMA50. Something feels good here. Watching for breakout move.
MWA – I like MWA for swing over $5.  Needs to prove it can hold above SMA50/100 before I’m too interested.
THQI – Possible breakout candidate over 6.65.  MACD positive crossover with very strong Slow Sto.  One to watch.



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