10 Days To Master Part-Time Swing Trading Challenge (Day 1)

Trading part-time while working a demanding 9-5 job is a daunting challenge that many have tried but few master. I am a professional full-time trader who built his account from nothing by part-time swing trading, so I am often asked how I did it.

How did I trade part-time while working a demanding 50 hour per week job, spend time with my family, have a social life and make time to learn and master how to swing trade?

Unfortunately there’s not a nice tidy answer that can be summed up in a few sentences or even one or two blog posts. For that reason, I am creating the “10 days to master part-time swing trading” challenge.

What is the 10 Days to Master Part-Time Swing Trading Challenge All About?

It is a series of posts specifically designed to help you master part-time swing trading. Each day will take on a topic that is vital to become a professional swing trader. Not only will I talk about the topic, I will draw on my own experience and show you exactly how I mastered that topic with video examples and exercises you can do.

This isn’t a passive series of posts that you’ll toss out never to look at again. You will actively participate in the series and actually learn now to trade!

What you will learn during the 10 Days to Master Part-Time Swing Trading Challenge

  1. The processes and routines I used while trading part-time with a demanding job.
  2. The key rules that must be followed to swing trade successfully.
  3. The strategies, setups and tactics I use to swing trade.
  4. My “top down” approach to trading.
  5. How to scan for stocks and setups.
  6. My favorite indicators and how to use them.
  7. Why we analyze the broader market and how to use that information.
  8. The importance of sector analysis.
  9. Building watchlists with the strongest momentum stocks.
  10. How to become a master at risk management.
  11. Mastery of the mental game and psychology of trading.
  12. Optimal methods to analyze and review your trades.
  13. Perfect the swing trading chart setup
  14. The common mistakes unsuccessful traders make

Each day of the challenge includes

  1. A new concept intregal to part time swing trading mastery
  2. Detailed instruction through video, charts and illustration.
  3. An exercise for you to do every day.

Remember, this is active learning that leads to mastery. The most important aspect of this challenge is what YOU DO every single day.

What you can do before we get started

Review the following part-time trading articles

  1. 23 Laws of Part-Time Swing Trading
  2. Part-Time Trading Made Easy
  3. Going From Part-Time To Full-time (interview) 
  4. Planning and Preparation (interview)
  5. 21 profitable setups
  6. 10 Keys to Part-Time Trading Success

I’m looking forward to taking this journey with you!

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