$2600 in Gains on $NUGT

I traded $NUGT again today, closing out the day with a nice $2642 in gains.


If you’ve been following the blog lately, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve traded $NUGT a lot, and made some great returns. This isn’t a coincidence. When a stock or sector gets momentum, which can happen for a variety of reasons, it can often run for days, weeks or even months. Along the way, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to day and swing trade it, both long and short. Today, I shorted $NUGT at $106, when it broke the trend line. As you see, it dropped significantly from there.


If you want to learn how to trade like me, there’s no better option than the Bulls Bootcamp. As a student, you’ll learn the day trading techniques I utilize in the market daily. Swing trader Paul Singh will also teach you his swing trading strategies. If you want a sample of our teaching style, checkout the webinar we held last night!

After the first month of class sessions, we will spend another month going over trades so you can see how the strategies are applied in the current market environment. The last step before you go live will be to trade on a simulator for a month, so you can practice what you’ve learned without risking your hard-earned money.

But don’t delay! Class starts in just two weeks, and we usually run out of spots before then. If you have questions or want to get signed up, just send me an email at kunal@bullsonwallstreet.com and I’ll help you out!



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