2/13 hot stocks

Thanks to everyone who attended my study session last night and thanks for all the feed back! We will do another one again next week. Here is a look at my top picks for tomorrow! I’m still seeing some great setups so lets make them count. Make sure and set your alerts on these stocks so we don’t miss them.

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SNTA- bounce watch.. pullback to support and oversold

MU- breakout thr 8

GTE- big volume move today.. watching for break of 6

KORS- like this one for a gap fill down tomorrow.. looking to short today’s lows

NYCB- banks are hot.. this one looks ready to breakout

JASO- solar name with some momo.. break of 6 should be big

ODP- flagging

AMRN- coiling on a bottom

ANAD- breakout watch.. love this chart

CORR- breakout watch




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