1/9 hot stocks

Another consolidation/rest day in the markets. It still feels like we are resting before the run back to highs. Im long biased so most of the charts that I post will be long setups. Here is a look at the trades today in the boom room as well as my top trading ideas for tomorrow. We had nice trade in $peri off the bottom this morning. If you missed the trade review on it you can find it here. We also had a nice intraday short in $pphm for a 5% gain and $350 bucks. All in all we tweaked out $270 in gains on the day. Not bad for a very slow day in the markets.

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$cldx- breakout watch.. love this chart

RIMM- long over this mark.. basing here

SNTS- still love this look.. coiled for a move

TIVO- nice falg forming on daily. love the volume pattern

IRWD- short watch. extremely overbough and hitting resistance on daily chart

CLSN- coiling for an up move

SKUL- basing on a bottom, break over 7 should start the squeeze

RPRX- beautiful flag on this stock. looks like it wants new highs soon


2 thoughts on “1/9 hot stocks”

  1. Hi MB

    This is a great blog – especially the details behind win loss and the in price and out prices…very helpful….

    I learned about “revenge” trades today…lol


  2. Hello Maribeth,

    Can you tell me what you mean by the following from your charts above:

    RIMM- long over this mark.. basing here
    SKUL- basing on a bottom, break over 7 should start the squeeze

    Are you betting on these two stocks to go up or down to earn profits based on how you word these?

    Thanks so much! Wes


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