1/4 watchlist

AFFX- watch the break of 4.23.. stock is consolidating.. looking for a move up

HWAY- gap fill at 7.38.. should be the mark

XIDE- alot of resistance at 2.85 area.. a break of this should run it

SWHC- in a box.. watch for a break of the top or bottom of the box to tell you which way this one should be traded.

MY- flagging above the 50dma, def think there is more upside to this one once the flag breaks

SINA- a break of 56.9 sends this one

TLB- consolidating.. watch for a break of 2.85

KTOS- broke resistance today and held.. on watch for continuation tomorrow

GIL- gap fill over 19.7

AMED- if the 50dma breaks could signal a reversal.. been heavy resistance. nice volume expansion on the chart

LNG- short setup.. bear flag.. very weak in a strong market today. any market weakness and this one dies


LF- chart is starting to breakdown after a big run up. The stock couldn’t hold gains today in  a huge market upswing. Looks like it is toast

TRGL- extremely overbought and out of upper bb.. should tumble soon

ZGNX- overbought and out of upper bb.. looking to short if market is weak

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