1/29 hot stocks

Just when you thought last week couldnt be beaten.. today came! $2326 in gains today alone in the boom room. Market was pretty much flat overall on they day, but we had some hot trades on both the long and short side. Here is a look at the trades from today. If you missed last weeks trades check them out here.  All trades are called out live via video chat so that you have plenty of time to get in and out of the trades. Come trade with us! Email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com for more info.

Also, don’t miss Kunal’s market commentary for the week here and our swingtrade update here



PKD- breakout watch

TA- parabolic short watch.. looking for weakness

ZNGA- big volume today, coming out of range

UEPS- needs volume, watching for breakout of this level

YPF- chart is flagging.. breakout watch

KERX- r/g watch

GRPN- breakout watch.

DNDN- flagging above 200dma

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