12/7 hot stocks

Market was pretty uneventful today.. not alot out there to trade. We were pretty much flat on the day in the boom room. Big jobs report out tomorrow so something to keep in mind. The market will likely chop around in the morning until after that has come out. Here is a look at our trades from today and a few setups that I like for tomorrow

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MPW- breakout watch

ZLC- short watch.. starting to break bear flag

CROX- breakout watch/ gap fill

CLSN- bull flag

YY- 3 down days.. looking for a bounce in this name

SMBL- coiling for breakout

MEMS- breakout watch

BAH- breakout watch

MCP- stock is flagging.. looks like resting for another run

EGHT- coiling for a breakout

ZIP- watch for a break of this flag

BTH- bottom bouncer





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