12/18 hot stocks

Nice day in the markets, spy up 1,17% today. We ended up with $574 in gains in the boom room. We had a nice overnight swing short in $jcp.. we shorted this thing on friday into the 50dma resistance at 21.31.. and covered into the morning drop at 20.69. This was a 3% overnight swingtrade. Here is a look at our trades from today + a few stocks that I like for tomorrow. There are alot of great setups out there this week so lets keep killing it.

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OREX- nice chart here.. might get a pop off the $vvus move today. on watch

MXWL- chart coiling for a move higher..

HOV- breakout watch.. nice volume today

SIRI- breakout chart

UEPS- breakout/ gap fill watch. coiling for a move higher

ARQL- still coiling.. 3 dollar break should make next leg up

EXPR- nice flag on this chart

RYL- breakout watch

PHM- breakout watch

SMBL- breakout looming

JKS- solar that is flagging

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