12/13 hot stocks

The market gapped up again as it has every day this week. However we ended up closing flat on the day in the markets. We had a very nice day in the bulls room with $846 in gains today. The market is starting to get overbought so getting a little cautious adding to many longs.  A market rest or pullback would be healthy here. One of our big gainers was shorting the parabolic move in $bgmd. This stock has run from 1 to 4 in two days. These shares were not easy to come by but our new broker has great borrows and had plenty of them. Email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if your looking to open a prop account. We have a great deal set up and I can get you the info.

UEPS- gap fill breakout at 5.5

ANR- this one right at resistance on the daily. a bit extended. if market falls this could be a good short

MITK- watching for a bounce.. low volume pullback to support

GPRE- basing nicely.. watch for a break to the upside

SMBL- breakout wtach

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