Nice start to the week with $630 in gains today.  The market has re-gained the 50dma which is a bullish sign in my opinion. Hopefully we will get the santa clause rally the next few weeks. Here is a look at the trades from today + a few stocks to watch for tomorrow.

bulls subs: check out my new post on trading $cbmx today and how we made $335 dollars on it this morning. If your struggling with your trading be sure and email me I can tell you a little bit about how I got started and what helped me the most as a new trader. Our bootcamp is starting up this week and has helped tons of new traders get a grip on the market and learn to become a consistent and profitable trader.


MTSL- nice big flag forming.. looks powerful ovr 3.9

NVGN- parabolic short watch

REE- nice run in $mcp today.. this one might follow. nice chart

FB- flagging on the daily.. looks hot for a squeeze

NUVA- long setup

SPRD- one mroe gap down and this thing might be ready for a snapback

VVUS- potential short watch

CROX- break of 14 should send it

SWHC- bounce watch off this trendline

HOV- stock is flagging

GTI- short watch

ARQL- coming out of range






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