RAM- watch red to green, strong close.. could have more tomorrow

KUTV- red to green watch, especially first thing in the morning

ACPW- watching for a break of .93.. then 1 dollar roll

STAA- strong stock today. watch for a breakout at 11.79

YOKU- trading in a box, a break of the top of box and this one has more upisde (19.5’s)

UMC- 2.36 is breakout

SRZ- pullback to support, could bounce from here

SGMS- flagging, break of 11.55 and we get another pop

IGTE- breakout at 16.78

PLAB- bullish chart, watch the break of 6.85

KBH- flagging stock, watch break of 9.2

IDT- flat breakout at 9.8

CISG- watch a pop thru the 50dma, stock is consolidating here

CYAN- short setup, watch break of 6.3

WLK- short setup still on watch for this thing to go red



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