11/7 hot stocks

Nice day in the markets.. spy up .78% today on the impending election news. Even nicer day for us in the bulls room. We had nice shorts today in $vvus, $srev and $lf for a total of $915 in gains today. Most of the movers coming from earnings breakouts still. We have added new features to the bulls room (including live video trading) so if you are interested in learning to trade and trying it out be sure and email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com.

A few stocks on watch for tomorrow:

ALJ- long setup

TASR- bull flag.. watching for a break of this flag

CROX- short setup

FOE- breakout watch

HW- nice bullish pattern.. breakout watch

ACI- coal flagging under 200dma.. could move especially on a romney victory

CAMP- breakout watch

EGHT- breakout watch over 7

OEH- stock is flagging

PPP- breakout watch





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