1/16 hot stocks

Huge day in the bulls room today. The market made a nice move and we banked over $1200 dollars today! Here is a look at the trades from today and a few stocks that I am watching for tomorrow. Dont forget to review these charts from szaman’s blog from monday.. some of them are in play all week and you want to make sure oyu have your alerts set on them so we don’t miss anything!

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OMX- breakout watch

COT- breakout watch

LXRX- watching that 2.4 level. nice flag

ECYT- breakout watch. ove rthis levl we run back to recent highs

RPAI- real estate stock looking for breakout

NVTL- coming off a bottom, nice volume today. watchign for continuation tomorrow

SGEN- breakout watch. 3rd tap should pop it

AH- nice volume today.. if this one comes out of range could explode. finally broke 200dma today. the play is probably r/g tomorrow





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