1/15 hot stocks

Another consolidation day in the market. The range is very small lately which makes trading a bit boring. Our savior will be earnings season which has begun. This should provide us with plenty of trades coming up soon. Here are a few charts that I am watching this week on both the long and short side.

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$orex- bullish look to this chart. breakout watch

CPWR- nice big flag forming here. nice look to this chart. coiling for a move

GLUU- seems to be putting in a bottom. starting to round up. a break over the 50dma and hold could start a run

ACTV- possible gap fill

EGOV- coiling here. love the look. breakout watch

SHLD- 45 seems to be big spot. nice volume today

CREE- if market show weakness this could be a short.. bear flaggign under the 50dma

BONT- love this chart.. seems to be resting for higher. great swingtrade form here

NTE- short setup





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