Mr. Bernanke decided to open his mouth today and tank the markets mid day, which allowed us to capatalize on a few intraday shorts in $sina $bby $clf. We have banked $2245 in gains over the last 2 days in the boom room. Its also Thanksgiving week, which usually means we find alot of low float runners. We got that towards the end of day in $clnt and $rcon. Other than that.. trading was somewhat normal today with most of our wins coming on the short side. Here is a look at the trades plus a few stocks that I am watching for tomorrow:

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A few stocks to watch if market rolls over for shorts: $sonc $kro $pdli $spf $lf

ICA- breakout watch

ODP- thing has been flagging for day.. should go once get past this area

COT- a bit extended.. probably needs to rest here before breaking. but one to keep on watch

HGT- trying to break out of this long base.. on breakout watch

ADNC- stock seems to be flagging here.. wants to fill that gap more

PMC- breakout watch

PERI- breakout watch

BCRX- gap fill watch




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