10/3 hot stocks

 All week the market has been very choppy, which means you have to trade fast and lock in gains when you have them. Hopefully, we will be out of this range bound market soon and resume normal trading, but until then be sure and take those profits when you have them. Here is a look at the trades from today, a few overnight holds ($589 in gains), and a few stocks that I am watching for tomorrow:

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 $osg- breakout watch

SWHC-  breakout watch

AVX- breakdown watch

FTK- breakout watch

GY- breakout watch

CAMP- breakout watch.. flagging for more

LPR- watch for a break of this flag and pop over 50dma

ARAY- nice bull flag.. on watch

BCOV- watching for a break of 50dma.. nice volume today

FDX- thing looks like a short if 84 breaks

PCS- tons of rumors swirling about this stocks.. possible merger in the works.. watching for a second day move. shoudl be active

CREE- nice breakout spot at 26.. 3 day chart is nice on this one






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