10/17 hot stocks

The market gapped and surged today, unfortunately it was an overnight gap up which makes the trading a bit harder. Overall, it was an ok day with $388 in gains. Here are a few stocks that I am watching for tomorrow. If you are interested in trading with us send me an email mb.willoughby@gmail.com


RDN- breakout watch

CAMP- breakout watch

NAV- short setup, breakdown below 20

OTT- flagging on the 50dma support.. might bounce here

FOSL- breakout watch and 200dma break

BCEI- breakout watch


OMG- r/g watch



PBT- breakdown watch

INWK- nice bull flag

XNPT- 50dma bounce

NUVA- short setup

GLUU- possible dead cat bounce into resistance


 SCI- breakout watch

ES- breakout watch at 3


AEP- breakout watch


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