10/10 hot stocks

The market got ugly today and was steady down all day long with no real bounces. Its very important that we hold this trendline the rest of the week. This is the major level for the bulls to hold and the level that everyone is watching.  Here are a few stocks both long and short that I like for tomorrow as well as the trades from today. Email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if you are interested in trying out the bulls room. We offer a 2 week free trial. Also our 16 day bootcamp starts up on sunday. Email me if your interested in getting signed up!


ARNA- breakout watch. nice bullish pattern

CRNT- breakout watch. Nice volume today

ARQL- possibly flagging for more gap fill

CBK- watching for a break of this horizontal trend line

HW- breakdown watch

BONT- break of this trendline should send it

FST- strong stock today relative to the market. Energy name. On watch for continuation tomorrow

LNG- another strong energy name with a clear breakout level. expanding volume



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