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Trading Watch List 07.31.2017

Flat day in the market but managed to close almost at the high of the day. No follow through from bears even after  earning miss from tech leader Amazon. Many of our bounce plays, NVDA, YY, BZUN,IRBT worked out for […]


Trading Watch List 07.28.2017

SPY closed flat  off the support level  but there were some drama during the day. After days of grinding action we finally saw some volatility in Nasdaq. Quiet common in extended market as we have seen this type of move […]


Trading Watch List 07.26.2017

SPY grinding up action. Sector rotation keeps indices holding up. Saw some rotation from tech and biotech names to oil, financials and basic material names. GOOGL earning was a “sell the news” event. We also have FB. AMZN earning this […]


Trading Watch List 07.24.2017

Another flat day for SPY as market is staring to consolidate. Nasdaq flat day holding up the short term trend line. A break below might see some profit taking. Extended market causing low energy /choppy action in individual stocks. Hit […]


Trading Watch List 07.21.2017

Flat day in the market but no sign of weakness yet. SPY trending up. Could really use a test of 8 EMA and some basing. Nasdaq “V” shape grind up continues. This type of grind move up tends to make […]


Trading Watch List 07.19.2017

SPY basing out in breakout area.Looks to head higher. Nasdaq grinding higher as expected. Trading remains actionable,mostly with technology names as dips getting bought. SHOP,NVDA, TSLA gave some nice trades on dip buys for us. Trade with the squad! Trade […]


Trading Watch List 07.17.2017

Over 20 MA resistance rally continues and it didn’t take long, SPY finally breaks out of almost 3 months long range. Nasdaq “V” shape grind up mode continues. Hitting some resistance now.Could use some basing above 50 MA but you […]


Trading Watch List 07.14.2017

SPY rally back over 20 MA resistance.Hopefully finally breaks out of the range in coming days. Nasdaq in “V” shape grind up mode again. Ideally Could use some basing above 50 MA but you never know, might just grind higher. […]


Trading Watch List 07.12.2017

SPY defended 50 MA yet again. 20 MA remains resistance. Better action in Nasdaq as technology names rallied , QQQ approaching 50 MA resistance. Decent trading action with our go to tech name like TSLA, AAOI, NVDA ,SHOP. TSLA quick […]


Trading Watch List 07.10.2017

Positive day for the market. SPY flip flopping around 50 MA and looks to be printing a bearish rounded top pattern. So far direction less range bound action. Nasdaq caught a support hold rally. 20/50 MA overhead resistance now. Rally […]


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