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Trading Watch List 03.10.2017

After 3 days of deteriorating action the market, late day bounce on 20 MA , and bulls came out and saved the Market. Market is oversold enough to support a bounce here. Wild card will be job number on Friday […]


Trading Watch List 03.08.2017

SPY filled the gap at open  but reaction bounce didn’t last as it closed almost back to low of the day and under short term momentum moving average 8 EMA. Even though SPY closed down slightly , it is not […]


Trading Watch List 03.06.2017

Flat day for the market. Everyone was looking for a gap fill in the market but market held and closed back within short term range. Over 238.61, SPY should be on the run again.Support at 237.73 followed by gap fill […]


Trading Watch List 03.03.2017

Not the best action in the market after Wednesday’s huge breakout move. SPY gave up the  entire regular trading day’s gain from Wednesday.Very unusual given the recent strong action in market. If continues to weaken, next support is on gap […]


Trading Watch List 03.01.2017

Small red day for SPY but weakness in small cap index was noticeable, down 1.5%. Potential for SPY to follow. SPY support is 8 EMA now. A break could see some volatility. It has been great trading Market trading both […]


Trading Watch List 02.27.2017

After  a weak opening, dip buyers showed up yet again and ramp the market to a day high close. What a pretty chart! Bounce right at support and short term momentum moving average 8 EMA. Friday’s low is short term […]


Trading Watch List 02.24.2017

Flat day for the SPY but underneath some bearish action in various sectors and stocks. We saw many recent strong momentum sectors , stocks with some carnage. This whole year, dips has been bought fast but we finally saw some […]


Trading Watch List 02.22.2017

Another day and another all time high for the Market. Nothing new to report. Indices just grinding higher and higher. Watch list names, TSLA, NVDA , ESPR, VREX all gave some nice trading action. If you are struggling with your […]


Trading Watch List 02.17.2017

Well deserved rest day in the market after seven straight green days. Healthy action,stocks needs consolidation /basing action to gain strength for next move.Few days rest or sideways action will also relieve  overbought conditions. If you are struggling with your […]


Trading Watch List 02.15.2017

Run away market continues to go higher as every little dips get bought . Market is technically extended but momentum in Bulls court as shorts keeps on getting squeezed until price action changes.. Trading action in individual stocks still remain […]


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