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Trading Watch List 10.28.2016

Yet again decent  earning from TSLA and TWTR  couldn’t get the market going as SPY gapped up and closed at the lows. Even though SPY still in range,there are some worrisome signs. Small cap IWM chart broke down Thursday,that itself […]


Trading Watch List 10.26.2016

Market just can’t get anything going even after some decent earnings and merger news. Slow boring low volume boring trading environment. Even though SPY still in a range, action in individual stocks are worrisome and downright nasty. Hardly any relative […]


Trading Watch List 10.24.2016

Nothing new to report as far as market, range bound action continues. Most likely market will stuck in a range until the election is over.As far as individual stocks, there are some decent trading action last couple of days but […]


Trading Watch List 10.19.2016

As I wrote on the post from 10/12, there is a possibility SPY might get stuck in another range after 212 support break and bounce and and here we are , back in a trading range yet again. Most likely […]


Trading Watch List 10.14.2016

Red day in the market but SPY manged to close back in range. On previous  blog,I wrote since many eyes were on SPY 112, it will likely break and overshot down before any bounce. That game plan worked out really […]


Trading Watch List 10.12.2016

Sell off day in the Market after another SPY failed attempt to take out the 50 MA on Monday. Not surprising given how the action in many momentum names were deteriorating last couple of days. We have talked about this […]


Trading Watch List 10.11.2016

Nothing new for the market.SPY bounced yet again on trend line range. Bears had another opportunity to push down but so far no follow through and here we are , stuck in range again. However. action in many stocks beginning […]


Trading Watch List 10.06.2016

Choppy range bound action in indices. Even with range bound indices, some nice action in individual stocks.If you are struggling with your trading or learn how to trade you need to check out our trading courses. Our program is designed […]


Trading Watch List 10.03.2016

Nothing new for the market as SPY range still holds. SPY  closed below 50 MA again.Bulls wants to see a close above. Even though Market had a nice run on Friday, I couldn’t find many long setups for day trades. […]


Trading Watch List 09.30.2016

SPY back to lower range again after as the issue with  health of Europe’s Deutsche Bank fiasco continues. SPY rejected at 50 MA yet again. If you are a bear,this looks like an ideal bear flag setup now so keep […]


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