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Trading Watch List 03.27.2017

SPY manged to hold 50 MA after the healthcare drama out of the way. Line in the sand support for now. SPY still in bearish range bound  under both 9 and 20 MA with support at 50MA with. If there […]


Trading Watch List 03.24.2017

Weak over sold bounce attempt in the market after short term technical breakdown. Market is in waiting mode for the result of health care bill. It’s not that the health care bill matter much but the outcome is a testimony […]


Trading Watch List 03.22.2017

Biggest red day of the year for  SPY as stocks tumbled all across the board. If your are a regular blog reader, I have been writing  about how indices were masking underlying weakness in many individual names and sectors.Narrow leadership […]


Trading Watch List 03.20.17

SPY closed below both 9 and 20 day short term momentum moving averages. Looks like market is entering into a range bound zone between 236 and 240. Earning season is almost over and seasonally market is entering into a weak […]


Trading Watch List 03.17.2017

No follow through after FOMC rate decision rally on Wednesday. Inside day for market, SPY 20 MA crucial support.Needs to hold and build over it. If you are struggling with your trading or learn how to trade you need to […]


Trading Watch List 03.15.2017

Another down day for the market but SPY support is holding so far. Indices still not showing the underlying weakness in many individual names and sectors.Narrow leadership in stocks and sectors as market breadth( Number of advancing stocks vs. number […]


Trading Watch List 03.13.2017

SPY 20 MA hold on Thursday , followed by small follow through rally on Friday. SPY support now 235.74 ,needs to hold 20 MA and build over it for continued strength. Biggest negative continues to be narrow leadership stocks and […]


Trading Watch List 03.10.2017

After 3 days of deteriorating action the market, late day bounce on 20 MA , and bulls came out and saved the Market. Market is oversold enough to support a bounce here. Wild card will be job number on Friday […]


Trading Watch List 03.08.2017

SPY filled the gap at open  but reaction bounce didn’t last as it closed almost back to low of the day and under short term momentum moving average 8 EMA. Even though SPY closed down slightly , it is not […]


Trading Watch List 03.06.2017

Flat day for the market. Everyone was looking for a gap fill in the market but market held and closed back within short term range. Over 238.61, SPY should be on the run again.Support at 237.73 followed by gap fill […]


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