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Trading Watch List 12.16.2016

SPY consolidation mode over short term momentum moving average 8 EMA. SPY support now 225.40. All good as long basing over that. Some nice runners from watch list, NVDA, DUST,X,CLF,IONS all gave actionable trading setups and nice gains. I’ll be […]


Trading Watch List 12.14.2016

One small pull day on Monday and that’s about it, Bulls came back and took market higher. Sector rotation is in full force as we saw Tuesday,money went to technology names. Technology ETF QQQ finally got the rally memo and […]


Trading Watch List 12.12.2016

SPY grinding up, even though it is way overbought. Unless you are riding swing postilions.Hard to find new entries when indices and stocks slowly grinding up. Not much action for day traders since there are hardly any  volatility.  Quick trades […]


Trading Watch List 12.09.16

SPY following through on breakout. Even though many stocks seems tired , indices grinding up. Hard to find new setups when SPY hitting outside range on Bollinger band. We had our biotech pullback from last blog,LABU gave decent short setup […]


Trading Watch List 12.07.2016

SPY grinding up again after a quick test of support. Decent bounce on tech and bio name since last post. Some nice action from watch list names,CLVS,CLCD,SGY,SINA.CARA, IONS all gave day trading opportunities.Grind up in indices but individual stocks providing […]


Trading Watch List 12.05.2016

Flat day in the market as SPY holding sort term support. SPY support now 219.26, on a break  below, nit much support till 20 MA.Technology and bio’s paused selloff for the day and I will be watching closely now for […]


Trading Watch List 12.02.2016

Another red day in SPY but it’s not really showing the damages because of the strength in oil and bank names while tech and bio names were beaten down hard. SPY managed to hold support zone, if breaks, next support […]


Trading Watch List 11.30.2016

Flat day in the market but under the surface,action in individual names were somewhat week. SPY still above all the short term moving averages. Support at 220.17, then  219.60. Looking at many individual names, it seems market might be entering […]


Trading Watch List 11.28.2016

Nothing new to report for indices , slow grind up to higher and higher. If there is a pullback,1st support would be 8 EMA and break our area 219.50. Biotech names looking good again after few days of consolidation , […]


Trading Watch List 11.23.2016

SPY grinding up to all time highs. Market has nice little sector rotation going as money came out of biotech names and went to metals. mining ,retail and bank names. I will be watching few bio names to see if […]


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