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Trading Watch List 01.27.2017

Inside consolidation day in the market after the breakout move on Wednesday. SPY 1st support for now is break out zone ,228.34 and then gap fill and 8 EMA 227.80. All good as long support holds.Earning news related stocks still […]


Trading Watch List 01.25.2017

SPY finally trying  to move out of  the tightening range. We will see if this move continues. Big resistance now at 228.34. Price action in individual stocks  continues to be strong. CF,YPF,SGMS from watch list had nice couple of days […]


Trading Watch List 01.23.2017

Expectation was high for a “move” in the market going into the presidential inauguration but market still stuck on range. Range has really tighten so I am expecting a move and some volatility soon for  some great trading opportunities. We […]


Trading Watch List 01.19.2017

Range continues in the Market and it is getting tighter. Hopefully we will have a resolution soon. But trading action on individual stocks remain strong. GIMO.NVDA,X, few names gave some decent day trading opportunity in chat room. So I’ll be […]


Trading Watch List 01.17.2017

Flat day for the indices. But trading action on individual stocks remain strong. TSLA.FSLR,EXEL from watch list gave decent day trading opportunity. So I’ll be focusing on individual stocks. If you are struggling with your trading or learn how to […]


Trading Watch List 01.13.2017

Early sell off the day in the Market but dip buyers showed up on cue and closed indices well off the early lows. Indices basically stuck in range with limited leadership names/sector  except few big cap tech names like AMZN, […]


Trading Watch List 01.11.2017

Little volatility intrday and ending with a flat day for SPY. Small cap etf IWM caught a bounce and brought along some crazy run on speculative individual small cap names. Names like to to SGNL to name one, it was […]


Trading Watch List 01.09.2017

Another strong day for the big 3 indices, mostly due to run from big cap technology names like AMZN, GOOG, FB. Besides few big cap names, there were some underlying weakness in many stocks. Specially small cap, IWM  index was […]


Trading Watch List 01.05.2017

Good day for the Bulls as all indices back over  short term moving averages. Some great action on individual sectors and stocks. Under performer biotech sector finally caught a new year rally. If you follow me on Twitter , we […]


Trading Watch List 01.03.2017

Sell off continues in the market after 8/20 MA and trend line breakdown on SPY. No real support till 222/221.80 on SPY. Market action has been poor for the beginning of last few Januaries and it seems market is heading […]


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