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Boom Boom stocks 3/29/2011

Morning folks futures looking a bit flat.  Looks like we are in digestion mode off the big rally from spx 1250.   Oil & gold both taking slight dip.  If u look at the chart in USO oil tends to pullback […]


Chart Extravaganza 4.27.11


3/27/2011 gameplan

lot of these stocks will be ready tomorrow.  some might take a few days to set it up.  making and organizing watchlists is very very important.  You constantly have to prune them and cut stocks out and take the good […]


MSN StockScouter Top 50

Welcome to the first edition of the MSN StockScouter Top 50 favorite list where I take the best of the 50 (technically).  I’ll probably update this 2 times per week.. We’ll see how often their data changes.


Boom Boom stocks 3/25/2011

Morning folks. futures are gapping up this morning slightly.  Gold up .5% and oil making slight move higher at .38% .  once again this market shows its resiliency overlooking some of the nervous headlines and marching higher and upwards.  all […]


Boom Boom stocks 3/24/2011

  Morning folks. futures gapping up nicely here.  It seems the market has started to digest the news overseas in japan and middle east.  Even the european debt news has been shaken off.   We do have jobless claims data today […]


Select Setups From IBD200 Sub $20 List

Every Wednesday night, the IBD200 list is released and includes the best of the best according to their SmartSelect Composite Rating. From this list of 200, I focus on the stocks under $20 (only from a lack of time to […]


Boom Boom stocks 3/23/2011

Morning folks. Futures looking pretty flat.  OIL is currently up .55% but its been up and down.  GOLD also up .5%.  keep an eye on these sectors event hough market was flat yesterday there was a ton of breakouts in […]


New Stocks On Watch Wednesday



3/21/2011 gameplan 2

Market closed right at resistance.  you can see with the spx that its hitting 3 levels of resistance. 1 price resistance at 1300.   then 50 day moving average covering with the 20 day moving average.  It tap tap tapped taht […]


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