Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Boom Boom Stocks 6/14/2011

Morning folks. Big gap up today on the spy up .88% premarket. These are tricky days to trade as many of our stocks will gap up above their trigger prices and the upside is more limited with such a early […]


Boom Boom Stocks 6/13/2011

morning folks. futures slightly higher this morning with the spy gapping up .2% so far. slv, uso, gld all down. Last week was an easy week to trade for the most part. We often talk about “follow through” when we […]


Trade Idea – Health Care

In a tough market that seems to sell-off almost every day now, it’s good to look for what sectors, or sub-sectors are holding up well against the broader markets.. one I found this weekend is Health Care Plans – the […]


IBD50 and ST50 Featured Stocks

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Boom Boom Stocks 6/10 happy friday!

morning folks. futures indicating a slightly lower opening as traders/investors still remain pessimistic about the economy.  We did have a decent tradable bounce yesterday with all the major indices finishing higher. The close was a bit of a whimper but […]


Boom Boom stocks 6/10/2011

Morning folks. Looks like we are going to have a slightly higher opening today as the spy is inching up .24% premarket.   Not much else is going on premarket.  We are currently in a bear market type trading environment (this […]


Strategy: Watching the IBD50 Tomorrow

If we get a bounce tomorrow, don’t blindly load the boat.  Yes, it could be the beginning of a reversal back up, but it might also be a trap and dead cat bounce.  One of the ‘safer’ reversal approaches is […]


Boom Boom Stocks 6/8/2011

Morning folks. Looks like we are getting set for another gap down today with the SPY down about .4% premarket. slv, gld, uso all down across the board.  As you can tell by the action the last few days this […]


Boom Boom stocks 6/6/2011

Morning folks futures indicating slightly lower open. This is no surprise as the market tends to just keep gapping down when you have broken key support levels. We dont have any major data points or catalysts this morning so expect […]


IBD50 and ST50 Watch List


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