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Boom Boom stocks 6/28/2011

Morning folks…  market indicating a slightly higher opening.  spy up .48% so far in premarket going green after being slightly red most of the morning.  Yesterday was a so-so day in the markets..even though the market was up most of […]


Boom Boom Stocks 6/27/2011

Hey folks. Made a video today. The action in the market has been a bit crazy with a lot of fakeouts. This type of back and forth is typical though when the market hits a corrective phase. We have gone […]


Setups for Monday


Boom Boom Stocks 6/23/2011

ive had a sinking feeling the market was gonna rape everyone. This could be a double reverse goat rape. all the usual suspects are ready to be shorted also Ors, yoku, dang, qihu, hrbn, etc etc if you have crappy […]


Boom Boom stocks 6/22/2011

Morning folks. Futures looking slightly down today. We’ve had a nice bounce last week or so. We are right at the key resistance level we have been talking about almost at spx 1300. That seems to be the level that […]


Boom Boom stocks 6/21/2011

Morning folks. Futures showing a higher opening in the markets as we look to extend our gains from yesterday.  The SPY is gapping up so far .63% premarket.  OIL (uso) up 1.3% , SILVER (SLV) .88, GOLD (GLD) .29%.  Looks […]


IBD50 Watch List Recap

Here is an update from the video I posted over the weekend (for subs) featuring stocks from the IBD50 list that I was watching for possible long swing entries today.  If you’re looking for a way to participate in swings […]


6/20/2011 gameplan

Video Watchlist for this week.   We have 27 focus stocks about 50% longs and 50% shorts. In this market its good to have both longs and shorts ready to load. The market is attempting to carve out a bottom […]


Boom Boom Stocks 6/15/2011



IBD50 Watch

Latest stocks from the IBD50 list that I have an eye on for Wednesday.


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