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AMZN Chart Update

AMZN is at key levels here and I’m leaning a little bullish headed into Monday.  We’ll see how the market influences institutional buyers.  They may want to push the market down for better prices, but they can’t without global news […]


3/11/2011 gameplan

Morning folks futures are gapping down slightly on tsunami’s in the japan.  Even without we would probably gap down.  when the stock market is in bull mode and above all key levels you regularly will wake to gap ups.  The […]


Boom Boom stocks 3/10/2011

  Morning folks futures are gapping down even with the price of oil down 2% plus.  For weeks we have had an inverse relationshipin the market to oil.  We saw that relationship start to unravel.  We still are coiling inside […]


3/9/2011 gameplan

Morning folks futures looking flat today.  Uso gapping up .6%.  Gld up .46% so far.  Remember the markets are trading inversely to oil at times so if we see a spike in oil it makes it hard to add non […]


Swing Watch List Clean Up 3-8-11

As you know, the last week has seen increased volatility and larger intraday spreads between market highs and market lows.  In the SPX chart below, the first thing that jumps out is that the market is forming a symmetrical triangle. […]


3/8/2011 gameplan

Morning folks. Interesting days these days.  If u havent noticed the market seems to pop in the morning then fade the rest of the day.  Then usually end of day we get a slight bounce.  Seems all the action is […]


Middle of the Night Report

It’s 4 am central and for some reason, I can’t sleep.. Might as well update you all with what I see. – The battle in Libya appears to be an outright civil war now with heavy casualties expected. – War […]


3/7/2011 gameplan


NFLX Looking Good

After quite a slide in NFLX over the past two weeks, it looks like the buyers may have stepped back in.  The chart looks great – strong trendline support with volume bounce off SMA50.  We’re also testing the highs put […]


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