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Friday Watch List

Swing stocks on watch for Friday.


Quick Market Thoughts Pre-Market


Boom Boom Stocks 5/19/2011

morning folks. Market indicating a light gap up with the SPY inching up .4% premarket. USO (oil) continuing its bounce up .7%. Strength in silver this morning also SLV up up .7%. Interesting day yesterday after testing support a few […]


Boom Boom Stocks 5/18/2011

MORNING FOLKS. happy hump day. Futures are flat today. Market is consistently testing different leveles of support last few days as we drift lower and attempt to stabilize. Even though market is only down a few percent from highs im […]


Boom Boom Stocks 5/17/2011

Morning folks. Market looking like a flat open today under pressure from a soso report from Hewlett Packard and some others and we digest the numbers from housing starts. Yesterday even though the indexes had only slight losses (except for […]


Boom Boom stocks 5/13/2011

morning folks. Futures gapping up here slightly here with the S&P up .5% or so.  SLV keeps up its wild trading with a 5% move so far this morning. USO (OIL) up about 1.3% and GLD (GOLD) .3%.  Im not […]


Boom Boom stocks 5/12/2011

  Morning folks. Made a video today instead.  We do do the videos for our subs in our premium section for our bulls subscribers everyday. Market commentary, watchlists,education, we have a ton of amazing sections on our premium site if […]


Boom Boom stocks 5/11/2011

morning folks here are some stocks im watching keep good alerts and these on your watchlist. if you didnt make good money or happy with your results focus back on the blogs and keep a good watchlist. yesterday lot of […]


Boom Boom Stocks 5/10/2011

Morning folks. futures showing slight gap up here. SLV still on its reflex bounce towards 50dma up .9% premarket. USO down nearly 1% while GLD flat.   market looking a bit better at the moment.  It remains to be seen if […]


Boom Boom Stocks 5/6/2011

Morning folks. Market looking at  a slight gap up so far with spy up .4%. We have jobs number coming up so that wont really matter at this point till the numbers get digested.  SLV still drifting lower down 2% […]


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