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Boom Boom stocks 4/19/2011

the market did a bit of a tanking yesterday early in the morning giving us  quite a scare.  the ball fondlers over at the S&P had the nerve to downgrade u.s. debt….like these jerks who rated subprime mortgages with AAA […]


Boom Boom stocks 4/18/2011

Morning folks. futures gapping down slightly on global issues over the weekend..  china raising rates (big inflation in the works there), european debt issues,etc .   Earnings will be front and center this week with over 100 of the s&p reporting […]


Swing Watch List – Late Night Quick List

All daily chart setups – Breakout Setups: STEI – Nice bull trend on the daily. Now testing recent highs.  Break of 8.40 for possible swing. OME – MACD trying to bounce off zero with price building ascending triangle with $15 […]


ST50 Setups For Monday


4/18/2011 GAMEPLAN

video blog of this week’s stock market watchlist.   This watchlist will be in play all week. Not every stock will trigger everyday so its important to keep updating the list. At night go through the watchlist and start marking them […]


Boom Boom Stocks 4/15/2011

Morning folks… Market looks like its gonna open up flat. We had a nice close yesterday with many stocks running or setting up for a run. Bottom china stocks were hot yesterday led by squeezes in $nep and $dgw. Gaming […]


IBD200 Sub 20 Stocks

Here is a quick look at the stocks on this week’s IBD200 list that are priced under $20 with better than 200k average daily volume:


Boom Boom Stocks 4/14/2011

Market sitting right on support mulitple layers.  I still like it above spx 1300.  We are also starting to get oversold shorterm which should lead us to a bounce at some point.   AS of this moment my first inclination is […]


4/14/2011 gameplan

  Lot of stocks showed up on the scans. Some look good for daytrades & some look great for swings as long as market cooperates.  We are now in a nice support zone and starting to get oversold which gives […]


Boom Boom stocks 4/12/2011

Morning folks futures so far gapping down slightly .5% or so. OIL up slightly at the moment along with silver (slv) gapping up .8%. GOLD (gld) flat at the moment. Market is continuing to stall out and reverse on any […]


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