Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Boom Boom Stocks 7/11/2011

Evening folks. Kick but week last week in the markets.  Everyday stocks off the watchlist were running 20% and more.  We never went a day last week where we didnt nail at least 1 daytrade for a 10% gainer.  BORN, […]


A Few NOT Overbought Stocks on Watch

Here are a few sub $10 stocks to eyeball in the morning


Boom Boom Stocks 7/7/2011

Great day today folks.  Lets keep it going very rare do you get to have number 8-20% trades in a month let alone in a day and yet MCOX BORN DANG ALAN HNSN gave us that today.  These are the […]


A Few Sub $10 Stocks on Watch

Sub $10 charts to consider


Boom Boom Stocks 7/5/2011

Evening folks. Amazing week in the markets last week.  What a world we live in where we go from market breakout to potential break of 200dma and flush back to almost new highs all in a matter of weeks.  Ive […]


Boom Boom Stocks 7/1/2011

Morning folks. Futures indicating flat open so far.  Crazy week in the markets if this was a end of the month window dressing rally then the powers at be sure did a good job.  Lot of people expecting market to […]


Boom Boom Stocks 6/30/2011

Morning folks. Market lookinglike a slight gap up today.  Its been a great week this past week repairing much of the damage that june did to people’s portfolio’s.  But end of the quarter is here….we’ve moved above a key resistance […]


Current Positions 6/28/2011

im still staying small and light… No big money behind any of my trades just yet. Market gapping right into some key resistance levels on this gap up lets see how we react to this key level before we put […]


Boom Boom stocks 6/28/2011

Morning folks…  market indicating a slightly higher opening.  spy up .48% so far in premarket going green after being slightly red most of the morning.  Yesterday was a so-so day in the markets..even though the market was up most of […]


Boom Boom Stocks 6/27/2011

Hey folks. Made a video today. The action in the market has been a bit crazy with a lot of fakeouts. This type of back and forth is typical though when the market hits a corrective phase. We have gone […]


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