Watch List 11/18/2013

  • November 17th, 2013
    Watch List 11/18/2013

    Market continues to grind up and in Bulls chat room we had another decent week with $5762 gains for the week. Personally, i am looking for some volatility in the Market, this slow grind up is little boring for short term traders as the range becomes narrower. Some volatility would be great for some boom boom gains. The bulls trading room has been on fire and if you aren’t trading with us then you are really missing out.At Bulls, our goal is to train traders to keep their losses small and squeeze out as much as they can from the gains. Trading great risk to reward setups is key and that is exactly what you will learn if you come try us out. Kunal is on video all week all day giving out the alerts live and teaching while he does. Below are the trades for the day. We are offering a two week free trial for any new prospective members.Email me thenyctrader@gmail.comto get signed up.


    AMBA Breakout watch.


    ARWR Flag break watch.


    BIG Base breakout watch.


    CSII Breakout watch.


    ICPT Could get a pop over trend line break.


    IGTE Breakout watch.


    NTLS Flagging.Watching for movements.


    SHOR Breakout watch.


    YY Breakout watch.

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