Watch list 02/04/2013

Posted by - on February 3, 2013
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CSIQ Solar stock watching over 4.66/4.72 for a breakout.










ENOC 16.05 breakout watch.










GTN Momentum name. Watching 4 area for a trade.










HTCH Earning mover watching over 3. Breaks out at 3.11.










LSCC Earning mover. Watching 4.75 for a flag break.










LVLT Over 24.90 for a continuation.










MDCO Breaks out over 30.87.










OSK  Flagging after earning run. Over 40 for a continuation.










SREV Watching for a range break over 6.40.










VICL Bio. name. Decent look over 3.65. Earning 2/8.










WHZ Energy name , Watching for a range break over 17.38.










WIN Watching over 9.87 for movement.










YPF Flagging. Watching 17.50 area movement. 17.89 recent high.





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