Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Slow creep up in the Market. Volatility is non existent  which reduces explosive day trading profit range. Earning season is here and next week is also option expiration week so we could see some volatility. We still have quite a few nice looking chart. Let’s  see how they play out.

AEZS Bio. name . Over  2.75 might try for gap fill and 200 MA.

ALJ Coiled up here. Watching 17.90 area.

AMKR  Basing below 200 MA. Watching 4.78 area.

AVG 16.35 area of interest.

CBM Watching over 11.77.

ENOC Watching over 12.86.

KKD High and tight flag. Watching over 11.46.

MX Back over 16.79 on a good setup.

PERI. Watching 12.70 area.

PWRD Flagging here. Over 12.40 area for movement.

RNDY Watching over 4.75 for a trade.

SGI Basing well for 1.75 breakout.

XNPT Bio. name . watching 9.30 area.

YONG 6 breakout watch.

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