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SPY manged to hold 50 MA after the healthcare drama out of the way.

Line in the sand support for now. SPY still in bearish range bound  under both 9 and 20 MA with support at 50MA with. If there is a bounce , it has some overhead resistance now at 235-237 area.We are still in hit and run trading mode within the range, taking profit quickly and avoiding over trading.

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AAOI Our 52 flag breakout alert working well, now on a breakout watch.

AQMS Flag breakout watch over 18.60.

ESPR Narrow range, watching for a direction either way.

GS Holding 227 support. Do or die sport here.

KITE Could pop back on 20 MA recovery, over 77.50.

LITE Breakout watch.

NVDA Basing out and 50 MA holds. Range breakout watch if market holds.

TGTX We had our bounce, watching for continuation.

TSLA Holding over 20 and 50 MA. Watching to see which way this breaks.

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Sayed is a veteran of the stock market, receiving acclaim for his hot stock watchlists. He trades in the Bulls room and blogs for the site, sharing his watchlist and market analysis daily.

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