Trades for the Week (6/2-6/6)

Posted by - on June 6, 2014
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Another great week in alerts for us in the bulls room, totaling $8.9k in gains. . Any person can come in, take our educational class, apply themselves to the material, and learn to make these kind of gains week in and week out.  Our goal is simply to help people with smaller accounts make consistent profits week in and week out. As you can see we keep our losses small and minimize our risk by making sure we take a manageable position size on each trade. Small gains add up to big weeks and big weeks add up to huge months! We try to trade small but trade aggressively and add those gains up, resulting in huge weeks  and months.   Kunal is on video all week all day giving out the alerts live and teaching while he does.

If you are struggling with your trading the you need to join our upcoming bootcamp course starting in July! You have to sign up before July 4th to get the discounted price, no exceptions.  Our program is designed in such a way that you come out of it ready to trade live in just 3 months. We teach you everything from risk management to scanning to trading strategies. The class is one of a kind. See why you should sign up for the course here and email me if interested in signing up

Don’t Forget to study these trades! 



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