Trades to Study ($7.3k in gains today!)

Posted by - on March 12, 2014
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Hey guys! We had a KILLER day today in the bulls room with $7388 in live alerts today alone. I wanted to point out a few of the trades for you guys to study. The easy part is finding these trades. The hard part is managing risk and knowing when to size big and when to scale back. This is an art form that must be practiced.

Our 60 day bootcamp will teach you how to find these stocks each and everyday and also how to trade them exactly. If you don't take this course, you are missing out on alot of MONEY! Today alone would have paid for your course three times over :)  Study these trades and when you feel like your ready to join Kunal and learn how to do this each and every day, email me It start March 25th!!











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