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There is nothing better than testimonials to prove how great a product is! Here at Bulls we think our 60 day trading Bootcamp is the best product on the market for trader's looking for help in navigating the world of the stock market. Whether you are a new trader with more losses than wins or an experienced trader looking for an edge, we feel our bootcamp can get you where you need to be. Don't just take our word for it, let the user testimonials speak for themselves! Join us this Sunday and start your journey to profitability with Kunal and the Bulls on Wallstreet team.

When you are ready, send me an email at maribeth@bullson.ws, or call 601-260-8576, and I'll answer all your questions. Make sure you ask about our flexible payment plans too!









Kunal is currently in Colombia travelling the world and teaching as he does. If you want to hear more about Colombia and the life of a trader, we'll be holding a webinar tomorrow night, at 8 PM EST. We also will be talking about the change in market structure in 2015 and how to adapt to it. If you noticed the market is a lot more volatile then it has been in years past if you use the same tactics as 2009-2014 you can lose very quickly.  If you attended the webinar we held in Costa Rica, you know these on-the-road sessions can be some of the most fun. Don't miss it - register now!

About Maribeth Willoughby

Kunals first student, Maribeth helped build the Bulls educational courses. She now helps new traders determine the best educational track for their trading goals.

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