Bulls On
Wall Street

Established 2008

Kunal Desai

CEO and founder

Our Company Motto: One Team. One Dream

Who We Are

The ultimate trading educators featuring some of the best stock market gurus around. Become part of our growing community of active traders and investors. Unlike other stock websites that just offer news, opinions, and community chatter, Bullson.ws goes a step further.

We remove the noise and offer what’s important and relevant to short-term traders & investors. By joining our team, not only do you have real-time access to trade ideas and opinions of other investors, you also have access to our proprietary trading tools with a huge list of benefits you won’t find at retail brokers.

Our Story

I became vice president of my company at age 25. Even then, I always had the stock market in the back of my mind. That’s when I knew that I had to be a full-time trader, as no amount of success or money could satisfy that constant urge I had to be involved in the markets. How many people are so lucky to find that type of passion at such a young age? I believe that all people are meant to to do something special and that everyone has a talent or a knack for something at which they can be extraordinary at! The key is to find it and embrace it.

Once I had developed my own trading system and tested it out over the course of thousands of trades, I knew I'd found something that really worked. The next logical step for me was to teach it to others, so they could benefit from my experience. My first student was Maribeth Willoughby. She picked up the material incredibly quickly, and it wasn't long before she was trading alongside me in the Bulls chat room. She joined Bulls and we began to work together to educate our members and grow the business.

After training several other students one-on-one, it was time to bring the material to a larger audience. I hired another trading student, Jordan Brown, to take my ideas and develop them into a coursebook and class structure. That course became the Bulls 60 Day Bootcamp. It was a big hit with our first round of students, so I brought on my childhood friends Tim Allen, Omer Benli and Kevin Sword to make sure things ran smoothly, we stick to our values, and most of all that every student receives a first-class trading education.

I see people who have a passion for something but are just too afraid to go after it. Most people never regret the risks they take in life, but they often regret the risks they DIDN’T take. I took a risk and it changed my life forever. This is not only a part of my philosophy for the students / customers we are developing and embracing, but it is also a reflection of my vision for the tremendous team we are building at Bulls.

Our Team

Kunal Desai

Ceo And Founder

Kunal is the owner and CEO of Bulls on Wall Street. A full time trader since 1999, he has been teaching others how to consistently profit from the market since 2008.

Maribeth Willoughby

Vice President

Kunal's first student, Maribeth has traded alongside Kunal in the Bulls on Wall St. chatroom for several years. She now teaches several courses and helps others achieve their trading goals.

Tim Allen

Director of Operations

Tim manages operations, ensuring Bulls on Wall St. runs smoothly so that students and subscribers have an experience unmatched by other trading education providers.

Jordan Brown

Directer of Education

Jordan uses his expertise as a writer and content creator to develop the Bulls on Wall Street educational products.

Sayed Zaman

Director of Trading

Sayed is a veteran of the stock market, receiving acclaim for his hot stock watchlists. He trades in the Bulls room and blogs for the site, sharing his watchlist and market analysis daily.

Kevin Sword

Customer Relations Manager

Our resident customer service guru, Kevin is the guy who will help answer your questions and connect you with the educational resources you need.

Zuhaib Zafar 

Operations Manager

By providing customer support and working behind the scenes to improve the Bulls on Wall Street courses, Zuhaib ensures that students are able to get the most out of their trading education.

Lew Ayotte

Systems Administrator

By overseeing systems administration and software development, Lew ensures that Bulls users have access to the best trading services in a secure and stable environment.

Paul Singh

Director of Trading

Paul runs the popular Bulls Part Time Trader service. A master swing trader, he’s taught many subscribers how to make money trading while still holding a full time job.