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Trading Stocks Reacting to News Without Reading It

Trading stocks reacting to news without reading it? Seems like a weird thing to do but let me explain. Our bread and butter is trading momentum stocks, especially those that get hit with news. We took a trade today in […]


How To Trade Stocks Reacting To News

On April 13th, AAOI gapped up more than 10% on company news. But the news was just fluff! So after the jump the stock faded the entire day dropping from $50 to $45. This jump formed a gap fill area for […]


Understanding the Value of Failure

                        Self-worth is often measured by the sum of accomplishments. This is why failure can burn badly. Not only is a goal or project left unsatisfied, but your sense […]


IMPORTANT: New Company Structure – Please Read

BullsonWallStreet recently went through a business structural change that involved buying out partners and giving primary ownership to Kunal (this is a good thing). With this change, Bulls will need to move all Bulls GOLD members to a new PayPal […]


Getting Started

If you are new to the site, watch these tutorials to get you started with site navigation and how to use the chat room: Chat Room (boom factory) tutorial How to use Bullson.ws website video


Kunal Was On Fire Today

Congrats if you participated in some great trades in the Boom Factory today:    


Boom Factory Archive Launched

You can now view the Boom Factory chat archive by clicking on the ‘archive’ link on the Trading floor.


New Site Features

Hello, Team… Just wanted to highlight a few new features launched over the weekend and an update on a few currently on the road map. Swing Corner IBD Focus – I’ve added a section focusing on setups from the IBD50 […]


Forum Now Live

Good news, Bulls Members. We’ve just launched a forum on bullson.ws giving you a place to suggest site enhancements, webinar topics, etc.  The forum has limited categories, but will evolve as needed to best support our members. Check it out.


Updated Boom Factory Tutorial

Latest Boom Factory Tutorial 2/28/11


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