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Fan Questions – Trading Questions From YouTube Answered

Trading Questions Answered What is the best indicator and how do you use it? Keep in mind that there are absolutely no holy grail indicators. Rather, indicators are used to confirm price patterns and assign probability to what we’re looking […]


Market Speculator Part Time | Swing Trade Report

Quick Summary: The Market Key SPY Pivot Levels: 198.20 : new high resistance, 196.58 20 dma, 193.23: 50 dma Under the Hood and Trading Game Plan: I was not expecting the move on Friday.  Sure, I thought we could get a […]


Market Speculator Part Time |Swing Trade Report

Quick Summary: Thoughts on charting, big money and inside information.  SPY and IWM analysis.  DAL added as short setup.  Key oversold bounce setup levels for market leaders. The Market Key SPY Pivot Levels: 198.20 : new high resistance, 196.47 20 dma, […]


Watch List 07/14/2014

Slow summer trading day on Friday as both SPY and QQQ bouncing 20 day moving average. Another great week in Bulls chat with real time trade alerts gaining $7,800 for the week.  If you are struggling with your trading or […]


Watch List 06/18/2014

Good times roll in the Market as many different names taking turn every day for run up.Another super day in the chat room with real time trade alerts gaining $3305 for the day.If you are struggling with your trading or […]


Watch List 06/12/2014

Digestion mode in the indices  but great price action on individual momo and small cap names. Another great day in Bulls chat room with $3280 gain for the day.  If you are struggling with your trading or learn how to […]


6 Day Trading Myths Debunked

In the world of day trading we are often bombarded with various opinions and advice. Some opinions are in accord with each other, some contradict. It’s already challenging enough to keep up with the constantly shifting market. And with all […]


8 Things About Trading You’ll Never Learn On Your Own

Most newcomers have preconceived ideas about the typical day in the life of a day trader. While you may envision a glam but gritty environment steeped in living-on-the-edge excitement, veteran traders know that the reality can be very different. Here […]


World Events in Review: Using Day Trading To Your Advantage

What Does It Take To Impact The Market? This is something that’s easy to forget about when you’re in the zone. You’re focused on what’s happening right now because you know that great opportunities in this business may only last for […]


Understanding the Value of Failure

                        Self-worth is often measured by the sum of accomplishments. This is why failure can burn badly. Not only is a goal or project left unsatisfied, but your sense […]


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