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Class Times

July 29 - Aug 1

Aug 19 - Aug 22

Sep 30 - Oct 3

Sessions are scheduled for 8 p.m. Eastern. Additional sessions may be scheduled each month depending on class interest, with additional sessions scheduled each month depending on class interest. **CLASS TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE**

After you graduate our 4-Day Course, check out some benefits of Bulls on Wall Streets 60-Day Stock Trading Bootcamp that is designed to be our FULL Stock Trading Course - Learn our EXACT methods and become an expert trader regardless of your experience! Check our Video Testimonials on our Testimonials page!

- Become an expert trader and make a living off the stock market.
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“Last month I signed up for the first Bootcamp training Kunal offered which was a 16 day course with another 4 weeks of follow up after the classes to review. This was the best move in my trading career. Kunal is a great teacher, he truly cares about your knowledge and wants you to be a great trader. Best of all his personally fits perfect into the mentoring role and really puts in the time one on one to make sure you understand his methods.” –JPsmith

“I just took Kunal’s 16 day Bootcamp which was actually extended to 17 days at no extra charge. Classes often ran well over their scheduled allotted times and that was because Kunal wanted to make sure all questions were answered and all material was covered in depth enough so that everyone fully understood what they were learning.” –Vegastrader66

“The course covers absolutely everything – from the basics – all the way to their most advanced trading strategies. I am an experienced investor with a financial background but really got a ton out of these sessions. I knew that there was a lot I had to improve upon in order to trade on a more regular basis and Kunal really helped pinpoint where I need to develop. The group was a nice blend of people just getting introduced to trading – as well as some more seasoned investors. The course textbook will be a great reference tool going forward.” –Megaocks