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$OCLS Trade Review – Shorting PR Breakdowns

Here is a trade we did last week in $OCLS. We do this type of short often after a press release causes a stock to go up into the stratosphere. $OCLS was one of those stocks that was up 200%+.  We […]


$CSIQ Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Hey guys! It’s earnings season and time for us to start hitting some big winners again! Earnings breakouts are one of our favorite types of trades at Bulls. One nice thing is you don’t even have to scan at night to […]


$BONA and $VISN Trade Review – Trading Flags

Flag breakouts are one of the most powerful setups you can learn. They not only are fairly easy to play, but they also produce huge gains. If you have been trading in the Bulls room for awhile, you know that […]


$RMTI Trade Review – Trading Flags

Here is a trade that we took in $RMTI at the end of September. This is my favorite type of trade – you find a momentum stock that has consolidated after a large move and then explodes out of that […]


$TASR Trade Review – Trading Pullbacks

Here is a bounce trade that we did on $TASR yesterday.  This is one of my favorite types of setups and one of the easiest to manage.  You take a momentum stock that had a huge thrust higher and on […]


How to Catch a Falling Knife

$FU is a Chinese, low float momentum name that went from $4.50 to $11.50 in two weeks. On Thursday, the stock finally showed some weakness due  to some news. We shorted the stock on 09/26/13 at $10.55 as it broke […]


$LITB Trade Review – Trading Late-day Breakouts

I traded this $LITB today in the chat room. This is one of those hot new Chinese IPO stock that I have traded many time before. I missed the first morning breakout and was eyeing the stock all day for […]


Trade Review: red to green moves (BEAT, KNDI)

We have had a killer summer so far in the bulls room, making consistent money every month. We have a handful of go to setups that we play each and every day and this is how we make our money […]


Trade Review “How to Trade Sympathy Plays” SPWR JKS

Today based on what we saw in the solar sector using the ETF $tan we made numerous trades in solar stocks today that made us over 1k in profits.  Once the run started we entered a trade in $spwr and […]


$UNXL Trade Review – Trading Bottom Bounces

$UNXL is a recent high-flying momentum stock that has been clobbered recently. It has come down from a recent high of $37.44 to $21.60 in 5 days. Indicators point to an oversold condition. Volume has been diminishing every day. Candles are becoming narrower. […]


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