Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Optimism Sliding

It’s Sunday!  We made it! Yeah, the ‘end of the world’ came and went with few catastrophes.  The only notable Mother Nature event noted was a fairly significant volcanic eruption in Iceland.   But, it looks like mankind will go […]


Turn the Corner? Hmmm. Careful

If I would have written this blog half way through the trading day, I would have been heavily bearish and discussing short setups and the need to run for the hills. However, now that that market has closed for the […]


Market View 5/15/11

OK. So, where are we? The commodities have sold off quite substantially Earnings season has been generally strong, but signs of input costs crept into many of the conference calls. Ironically, the market has drifted down since the Osama news. The world is not […]


Lithium and Oil – Quick Trade Idea

A quick look at lithium vs oil.


Trades Recap

Hey, team. Here are all of the trades that I’ve made this week.  I do have a few positions in my account that are older and just chilling, but these are all of the buys I’ve made this week so […]


5/7/2011 stock market review

crazy action all week. what a way to start may!. end of april we reallied to highs but many of in the room were talking about how we werent goosing the returns out of the market you would think when […]


Market Thoughts and a Few Charts


SPX and Market Watch

Sorry this is late.. thought I pushed it out last night..


Boom Factory Enhancements Video

New features include: ability to choose who you want to include/exclude from your chat stream turn on/off sound notification for trades made by Kunal and Ryan ticker symbols in bold if preceded by dollar sign ($)   select 720p to […]


CHINA Intraday Scalp Review

This is one of my favorite intraday scalp setups. In order to find this intraday move, I have a screen that I start running about an hour after the market opens. The screen looks for stocks that are up for […]


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