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Stock Market Index Review 7/17/2011

Crazy week last week. Lot of volatility and ups and downs in the market. We saw the market make 3 solid attempts for a bounce only to get faded by the end of the day.  That type of action is […]


Trade Review RXII 7/12/2011

Hey guys this is  a trade review for RXII.  This is one of my fav daytrade setups.  Often in the right market conditions this flag pattern can actually run for multiple days and can be used as a swingsetup.  Due […]


Current Positions 7/13/2011

Morning folks. Closed out a lot of my positons yesterday as market was a bit shaky. Looking like I probably should have held onto a few. You guys see $oww ?! wow. The market is gapping up .4% so far. […]


Smack Down in Equity Town

We experienced a triple smack down this morning… and a drop kick after hours. It’s coming down to the end of the debt ceiling political throw down between the Dems and the Repubs and news this morning that talks had […]


Trade Review BPAX 7/11/2011

Hey folks. This is atrade review in bpax. We bought bpax on friday at 3.18 in chatroom.This is an example of a flattop breakout. One of the simplest forms of breakout setups out there.  Great trade overall we sold partial […]


Chatroom Rules/ Trading rules

Morning folks. We have some new members in today that havent traded with us before so its going to be a fun 2 weeks as we meet some new friends and have some new trading idea flow also! A quick […]


Stock Market Index Review 7/10/2011

Evening folks. What a great week in the markets last week. Amazing trading opportunities all around especially with such strength in the markets. there was a constant bid under the market all last week leading to some amazing breakout opportunities. […]


Trade Review QTWW

Hey folks. forgot to upload this before. This is our trade in QTWW which was a trade taking right off the blog i do pretty much everyday.  We timed this breakout on multiple timeframes over some key levels coupled with […]


Getting Started

If you are new to the site, watch these tutorials to get you started with site navigation and how to use the chat room: Chat Room (boom factory) tutorial How to use Bullson.ws website video


Earnings This Week

It’s time to shake up the market and kick off what should be a very interesting earnings season. There is mixed optimism in the air, from what I can tell, but no one is betting the farm that it will […]


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