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3/7/2011 Stock Market Review

Crazy week.  For all the crazy dips the stock market actually finished positive for the week. With Oil prices skyrocketing thats a pretty impressive feat.  There was quite a bit of chop. If you look at the 15 minute charts […]


Apple (AAPL) Chart Update

Apple is still sexy and everyone wants a piece of the action.  The company, the stock, the iPad, etc. are still not out of style or tired… they arguably still make the best tablet and the App store puts them […]


CYTX Scalp Review

Click image for larger view:


IO vs SONS Gap Up Trades

This is a follow up blog to yesterday’s blog on Gap Up Trade Strategies.   Here are two contrasting examples of stocks that started the day off the same way – gap up from yesterday’s close.  The difference is the […]


Gap Up Trade Ideas

Today was one of those days.. We were all excited about the gap up, just to watch the market fade, then chop, then move again, etc.  It’s very hard to understand when and where to make a trade… do I […]


Tuesday Auto Sales Report

Tomorrow, we’ll get a feel of the current strength in the auto industry as the “Motor Vehicle Sales” numbers will be released .  It will also give us a feel of consumer confidence and general health of the economy. Market […]


2/27/2011 Stock Market Review


Current Positions and Market Thoughts

Wow, what a week. Oil toys with $100 / barrel – a rocket ship up from mid 80’s just days ago gold hits highs it hasn’t seen in a while HP reports a very concerning outlook World in turmoil (Libya) Energy stocks, […]


Boom Factory Webinar Uploaded to Help

If you were unable to attend the Boom Factory introduction webinar this evening, you can find it in help under “How Do I Use the Boom Factory Chat Room?”  It’s the second video. Let me know if you have questions […]


Market Review 2/22/2011

A look at the stock market indexes and etfs.


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