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Thursday Watch

Hey, Team! After a V shaped bull run, we’re not at the end of the month and a little over extended in the energy sector, which carried us here. I will not call the top here, but I remain a […]


A Look Ahead 3.28.11

Ok – let’s keep this as simple as possible. The market is never 100% predictable. Anyone who thinks they know where the market is going is either superhuman, or delusional. Remember, we’re not in the cockpit of this airplane, we’re […]


3/27/2011 Stock Market Review

Here you guys.  Constructive week overall.  Saw 2.7% gain in the sp-500 .   A 3.67% gain in the Russell 2000 .  A 3.76% gain in the Nasdaq.  Nice action for sure.  


IBD50 Charts and Setups Part 2

IBD50 Watch Part 2


Trade Review EWJ 3/23/2011

  this trade explains the parabolic bounce setup I use.  Its specifically used for bottom fishing stocks that have fallen greatly.  One of the greatest truest things in the stock market that will always be around is men and women […]


Trade Review LEI 3/23/2011

Trade review on LEI.  Good trade. This was a swing/momotrade.  1st we add as a swing trade on support right on the 20dma.  When you have a momo stock you have to realize the traders at some point will chase […]


Watch List Update and Market Snapshot

I have to first start by saying that we had an epic day in the Boom Factory.  My man, Kunal, picked up a ridiculous amount of stocks that rocketed through the roof.  It was hard to believe that the market […]


A quick Explanation of VWAP


Trade Recap – CIGX, GERN, ARIA

Here is a video recap of a few stocks we probably should have been involved in Friday for nice scalps. If you have any questions, let me know.


3/20/2011 stock market review

evening folks.  Nice day in the markets thursday and friday while i was gone.  At this point when market has broken  key levels of support you have to assume the market is guilty till proven innocent.  So any bounces toward […]


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