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9/29/2011 Market Wrap

Evening folks. Looks like it was a wild day. I was in chicago all day on business but seems to be i missed out on some amazing action today.  After a morning gap up on positive news overseas we got […]


Market Wrap 9/28/2011

The end of the month  pump got dismounted. After a strong opening where we shot up in the first 1/2 hour to make our highs we faded the rest of the day pingponging around the lows of yesterday. We tapped […]


Trade Review YOKU 9/23/2011

Here is a video trade review on our trades in YOKU in the bullson.ws chatroom  on thursday and friday.  Often stocks once they bottom out will be in play for many days with setups on both the longside and shortsize.  […]


$PZG Trade Review – Trading PR Breakouts

Here is a video trade review of $PZG.  This is one of the setups that we trade all the time – PR breakouts.  In our education section, I have a host of videos that go over this setup, from how […]


Stock Market Review 9/11/2011

evening folks.  Crazy week in the markets this past week with nearly a 4-5% drop across the board in the indexes. the QQQ’s were the relative strength leader with a drop of 3% and uncle russell led us down with […]


Stock Market Review 9/5/2011

Evening folks. Here is a look at market indexes  for next week.  Overall the market made no push last week as it ended up flat to slightly negative.  We had a great start to the week culminating with a nasty […]


9/2/2011 premarket notes/watchlist

Morning folks.  Futures looking a bit down today as market awaits job numbers.  This is why we went home flat yesterday with no positins you just never know what these days bring.   Typically there is always ONE or more fakeouts […]


$CIEN Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Here is a video review for our trade in $CIEN. While the market was down over 100 points today, $CIEN was up over 20%.  The setup on this is the earnings breakout. When a stock has earnings that beat expectations, a […]


Trade Review HNSN

Video Trade review on our Trade in HNSN that we held for 1 day. Overall i give myself b or b+ for the trade. We entered in 3.43 in chatroom and sold off last of our shares in the mid […]


IMPORTANT: New Company Structure – Please Read

BullsonWallStreet recently went through a business structural change that involved buying out partners and giving primary ownership to Kunal (this is a good thing). With this change, Bulls will need to move all Bulls GOLD members to a new PayPal […]


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