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A quick Explanation of VWAP


Trade Recap – CIGX, GERN, ARIA

Here is a video recap of a few stocks we probably should have been involved in Friday for nice scalps. If you have any questions, let me know.


3/20/2011 stock market review

evening folks.  Nice day in the markets thursday and friday while i was gone.  At this point when market has broken  key levels of support you have to assume the market is guilty till proven innocent.  So any bounces toward […]


Market Snapshot

Summary: Market is sitting on support levels in the macro view with many stocks sitting on or failing below support. Libya and Japan continue to the fuel the bears as bulls trade nervously.  In other words, it will be harder […]


Lots To Watch Tomorrow

Retail swingers continue to get their butts kicked as intraday market volatility and heavy alogos (little black boxes) push prices through stop orders and abuse anyone not willing to ride the wave.  Thus, I’m not spending much attention on swings […]


WOW – Japan Takes Center Stage

The devastation in Japan is on a scale I don’t think any of us can truly grasp. It’s hard to think about how we can profit from this disaster, but there are opportunities to consider. In the meantime, consider giving to the JETRF by clicking on the GlobalGiving link to the right. At this hour (10pm central on Sunday), the asian markets have fallen off significantly with the TOPIX and NIKKEI leading the way (obviously).


3/13/2011 Stock Market Review

Hey folks. interesting week in the stock market.  That consolidation pattern that we had been watching for quite some time finally broke through the downside.  We saw some definite signs of distribution. We did have a nice snapper on Friday. […]


Kunal Radio Broadcast Archive from PowerTraderRadio.com

Did you miss Kunal’s Live Radio interview? Host Jim Cash and Co-Host Mark Ely talk with guest Kunal Desai, co-owner of BullsonWallStreet, about the comparison between day, swing, and spread trading. Also Kunal outlines things to look for in online trading […]


The Roller Coaster Ride Continues

Unless you were under a rock today hiding from Qaddafi and his hired thugs, you know that the market and most long holders had a terrible day (unless you played airlines or followed kunal00 in the Boom Factory).   The signs […]


Trade Review SSN 3/8/2011

hey folks here is a trade review on my short in SSN yesterday.  This is what we call a parabolic short setup.  I ended up taking this trade three different times yesterday for a cumulative total of 25% gain on […]


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